Traditionals specialise in the supply of reproduction cast iron radiators to both the trade and the general public throughout the UK.

By selecting the finest manufacturers and ordering in volume we are able to provide a superb range of the highest quality cast iron radiators and period style valves at the lowest prices.

Q – How efficient are cast iron radiators?

A  –   They have the capacity to store more water and will retain heat better than a modern pressed steel radiator.

Q – I have standard pressed steel radiators, can I replace them using the existing pipe work?

A  –   Yes, the radiators will arrive assembled, painted and fitted with bushes to suit modern15mm or 32mm pipe work.

Q – Do I need to change my boiler?

A   –   No, if you are simply converting your existing radiators for cast iron radiators and your boiler is in good working order your boiler will not require changing.

Q – How do I make sure each radiator is the correct heat output for my room?

A  –      We have a btu (British thermal units) calculator on the website which helps you work out the btu’s. Each radiator has its btu capacity per section listed. If your room requires 3500btu’s just divide this figure by the btu figure. For example The Neo Classic RM 770 is 494 per section. 3500 divided by 494 = 708 which means that you require a 7-section radiator.

Q - I would like my plumber to sort this out for me, can he ring you on my behalf?

A   –     Yes, we often liaise with contractors direct.

Q – Can I fit thermostatic valves to my cast iron radiators?

A   –     Yes, we have a range of beautiful thermostatic period style valves to suit your radiator.

Q – Do I need to reinforce the floor to accommodate the radiators?

A   –     No, they will safely sit on standard floorboards without a problem.

Q – Will they need to be secured to the wall?

A  –      Yes, we supply wall ties with each radiator.

Q – What guarantee do I receive with the radiators and valves?

A   –     We give a 10-year warranty on all our radiators and 5 years on the valves. (see our terms and conditions for further details)

Q – After I place the order how long does it take to deliver my radiators?

A  –     We aim to complete your order and have them delivered to you in 2 weeks.

Q – How will my radiators arrive?

A  –    We arrange the delivery using couriers that specialise in heavy goods. Your radiators will be secured to a pallet and will be kerbside delivered, meaning that the driver will deliver the pallet to ground level as close to your property as possible.

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